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GM50 1001 lumens home theater 480*320 projector

GM50 1001 lumens home theater 480*320 projector

Model No.︰GM50


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰-

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Product Description

gm50 projector   
Lamp LED:(21K hours working time)
Norminal brightness: 100lumens
Contrast: 500:1
Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9
Picture size: 20-100 inches@1-3meters
Color :1677*10^5
Input terminal HDMI/AV/USB/SD/VGA
Output terminal: 12V Power source and stereo earphone
Specification :170*143*71 mm
Menu All the language:Support Russian,Arabia,English,French,etc 23 Languages
Projection model: Front/rear projection
Power consumption 30w
Accessories Power adapter, AV cable, Manual book, Remote control
Support Video files MPEG1(.dat;,.mpg. Mpeg), MPEG2(.mpg); MPEG4(.avi, .mp4); RM,RMVB(.rm, .rmvb); H264(.mkv, .mov); MOV (.avi; .mp4); Mjpeg(.avi); FLV (.flv) ; VC1( .wmv, .asf), DIVX(.DIVX, .avi)
Support Audio files WMA, MP3, M4A
Support Image files JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
 1.  The cheapest price and good performance attract people from all over the world!
     Easily becomes the world's best-selling lowest portable projector, with 2.4 inch LCD panel, supports 1080p     (full HD) dynamic image for home entertainment.(actual shot as below, no picture deal.)
 2 .Very simple operation, MINI size,easily portable, for kids, aged people, it's a very nice gift!
    Learning, watching movies, playing games, so much fun!
    No any radiationless,no eyes-harmless, just enjoy!
 3. Multiple interfaces can greatly meet your daily demand
    Which contains  AV, USB, micro-USB,SD card, VGA, HDMI

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