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900 dpi A4 document scanner

900 dpi A4 document scanner

Model No.︰WT-TSN425

Brand Name︰Winait

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description

Image sensor A4 Color Contact Image Sensor
Number of sensor 5136 dots(1st~5104 dots available)
Resolution Low resolution : 300x300 dpi Middle resolution: 600x600 dpiHigh resolution: 900x900 dpi
Maximum scanning speed for A4 size document High resolution with color12s; Hign resolution with mono10s Medium resolution with color8S ; 
medium resolution with mono 6S; Low resolution with color3S;Low resolution with mono2S;
Capacity (Based on 1GB micro SD card. 
Scan A4 size file, the quantity of scans varies
depending on the content complexity)
900dpi color: 300pcs/JPG or PDF (Min.) 900dpi mono:320 pcs/JPG or PDF (Min.)
 600dpi color: 640 pcs/JPG or PDF (Min.)600dpi mono: 700 pcs/JPG or PDF (Min.)
 300dpi color: 1600 pcs/JPG or PDF (Min.) 300dpi mono: 1800 pcs/JPG or PDF (Min.)
Scan width 212mm
Scan length 300DPI:98"(max);600DPI: 45";(max);900DPI:35"(max)
File format JPEG/PDF
LCD Scanning status display
Auto Power Off 3 Minutes
USB Port USB 2.0 high speed
External memory Micro SD Card
Standard Battery 2XAA alkaline batteries

Product Image